Date and Time

Wednesday 17th October 2018




The Law Society WC2A 1PL

Network Harvest 2018 Agenda Highlights... 


- Keynote speeches from Julie Hirigoyen, Chief Executive of UK Green Building Council and Sir Ed Davey, Chair of Fit for the Future Network, MP for Kingston and Surbiton and former Energy Secretary.


- The Met Office and The Environment Agency will be joining us to provide  members with an insight into the latest UK climate projections. 


- Inspiring case studies from our Fit for the Future members showcasing sustainable innovation. 


- A number of fantastic workshops and seminars delivered by high profile organisations and speakers including National Trust, Climate Outreach and Surfdome. 


- The launch of our first ever Fit for the Future member awards during the conference drinks reception. 


'Taking Charge of Change' 

Fit for the Future is a network of change-makers: people who are pushing the boundaries to create a sustainable, climate-friendly future for their organisation, their sector and the UK as a whole. This year’s Harvest is all about celebrating the changes that these practitioners have made possible, from slashing plastic waste to boosting clean energy. We’ll be plugging in to practical solutions and giving you an inspiration re-charge as we hear about positive shifts and achievements from within the network.  This year’s event is also about taking charge of the changes that aren’t in our control so we can adapt and build resilience. Above all, it’s a day to recognise how much more positive change we are achieving by working together.


Join us at The Law Society

This year’s Network Harvest will be held at The Law Society, a beautiful and historic Grade II* listed building located in the heart of London. Spaces are going fast and we already have a huge range of delegates signed up, from the RSBP to Macmillan and Historic England. If you are a current member of Fit for the Future, you can secure your free place here.

We look forward to seeing you there – don’t forget to keep an eye on Twitter  and on our events page for the latest announcements #ChangeMakers18



Arrival, refreshments and networking

Welcome and Key Note Speech

Network Chair, Sir Ed Davey and Fit for the Future Manager, Fergus Rolfe will welcome members and introduce the day.

Julie Hirigoyen, Chief Executive of UK Green Building Council gives a key note speech

Snap-shot case studies

A range of diverse and inspirational case studies from Fit for the Future members that showcase sustainable innovation, climate change adaptation and outstanding achievements on the road to resilience

Case studies will include:

David Roman, Sustainability Manager  at British Heart Foundation "The good, the bad, the ugly of charity recycling"

Keri Dearmer, Historic Churches Support Officer at Diocese of Southwark "Supporting parishes in caring for their historic church buildings"

Lucy Millard, Environmental Sustainability Manager at The University of Manchester on the university's staff and students behaviour change project

Richard Carter, Finance and Sustainability Manager at Adnams PLC “The Power of Networking: from Wales to Southwold”

Cara Nadan, Trustee/Director at Zero Carbon World "Decarbonising Destinations"




Lunch and networking

Meet fellow network members over lunch and chat to the day's exhibitors. 

UK Climate Projections Insights

The Met Office and Environment Agency give an overview of the latest UK climate projections and offer guidance on how to use the data and analysis to develop climate change adaptation strategies

The UKCP18 project will build upon the current set of projections (UKCP09) to provide the most up-to date assessment of how the climate of the UK may change over the 21st century.  Met Office climate scientists using cutting edge HPC supercomputers are updating probabilistic projections of high impact events such as localised heavy rainfall, temperature extremes, sea level rises, storm surges etc.  This project will equip the UK with information to help adapt to the challenges and opportunities of climate change and members will be given an inside look at the projects prior to their release later in 2018.


Workshop session 1

Two workshop sessions will run alongside each other. Members can choose between:

"Healthy & happy buildings: How sustainable buildings can provide occupant wellbeing benefits” and

 “How to tackle the plastic crisis strategically”

Workshop One

“Healthy & happy buildings: How sustainable buildings can provide occupant wellbeing benefits”

 With climate change putting increasing challenges on building design and management, buildings are now being designed to not only to be sustainable but to provide healthy, productive and  happy working/living environments.

 This workshop will explore how building design and management can enhance occupant wellbeing.  Speakers include Kavita Kumari the principal engineer of Cundall (an international multi-disciplinary consultancy providing engineering, design and sustainable solutions for the built environment). 

Cundall is leader in the design of the WELL Building Standard a performance-based system for measuring, certifying, and monitoring features of the built environment that impact human health and wellbeing, through air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and mind.  Kavita will provide an overview on the WELL Building Standard and how it could be applied to your organisation’s buildings.


Workshop Two


 “How to tackle the plastic crisis strategically” – Adam Hall, Head of sustainability - Partnerships - Core Marketing, Surfdome.

 Surfdome have eliminated 74% of plastic from their operations in 2015 (the equivalent to 650k plastic bottles) and are currently working with their suppliers to cut plastic waste out of their supply chain – their sustainability strategies have been used by the 'World Business Council for Sustainable Development'.  The general consensus is that we are now in a plastic crisis, but a crisis can inspire opportunity and catalyses innovation. Using his experience of delivering a number of sustainability strategies, Adam Hall will provide a unique insight into how organisations can significantly reduce the eight million metric tonnes that spill into the oceans every year. Adam will explore the ways in which he has slashed Surfdome’s plastic waste by 74%, how he is collaborating with suppliers to encourage biodegradable and/or recyclable packaging and how their warehouse is striving to be a ‘zero waste’ operation. This seminar will spark new and inspiring ideas on how you can strategically reduce plastic within your own organisation.



Refreshments and networking

Workshop and Seminar Session 2

For the second set of workshops, choose between:

 “Climate Outreach: Communicating climate change” and

  “What happens next? A strategic approach to climate change adaptation”

Workshop One


“Climate Outreach: Communicating climate change” Robin Webster, Senior Climate Change Engagement Strategist, Climate Outreach

 It's challenging to communicate climate change internally to all levels of our organisations and externally to partners, members clients etc.. How can we find ways to alert people to climate change when there are so many other things to worry about? How can we make the solutions to climate change feel positive and empowering? And, especially, how can we reach beyond the limited core audience of dedicated environmentalists to the wider and sometimes sceptical population?

Led by senior climate change engagement strategist, Robin Webster , in this fast moving and interactive workshop, members will explore and understand the key components of effective communications and the complex ways that people make sense of climate change. The workshop will draw on a wide range of research and practical experience, looking in detail at case studies of what works and, just as importantly, what does not work.


Workshop Two

 “What happens next? A strategic approach to climate change adaptation” Keith Jones, National Trust Environmental Practices Advisor will lead an adaptation strategy workshop.


 "Due to the amount of CO2 that has already been emitted in the atmosphere, it is becoming increasingly apparent that we are committed to a degree of climate change Therefore, mitigation cannot be the only focus when considering climate change; mitigation must be considered alongside adaptation measures." The Met Office 2018

New evidence and indeed our own experiences in 2018 have established the need for understanding climate change and developing an adaptation strategy and action planning.  Many organisations however are not sure where and how to start.  This workshop will help members explore:

- What are we adapting to? 
- What is the difference between climate change mitigation and adaptation?
- How do you plan the plan? How do you start to develop a strategy?
- Is adaptation a priority in your organisation? Is it in the strategic framework?
- How does an organisation place adaptation consideration into day-to-day business and planning (including cost planning)?
- How do you engage all levels of your organisation (including high level management) in the issue of climate change and adaptation? 


Closing Remarks

Drinks reception and awards

We will be holding our first ever Fit for the Future Member Awards during the evening drinks reception with speeches from Sir Ed Davey, Chair of Fit for the Future and Sarah Butler-Sloss, Founder Director, Ashden.