19th September 2019, 10:30 - 16:00

Energy Auditing Workshop

Carrying out an internal energy audit of your site or property can help you identify opportunities for significant energy savings. Expert auditors from within Fit for the Future are going to be running a hands on training day, which will enable you to leave equipped and ready to deliver your own audits.

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Thursday 3rd October 2019

Waste Special Interest Group & WWF Living Planet Centre Site Tour

On Thursday 3rd October we will be combining our biannual waste special interest group with a site tour of the fantastic WWF Living Planet Centre, which is not only an exemplar of low-carbon office design but was largely built using recycled materials. Our waste special interest groups meet to discuss a range of topics on effective waste management - including contracts, staff engagement, materials & recycling, and supply chains. Members will be given the opportunity to have an open discussion on waste topics with other members within our network along with a tour of the Living Planet Centre.  

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Monday 14th October

The Future of Low Carbon Heating

On Monday 14th October, Fit for the Future will be collaborating with Centre for Sustainable Energy to deliver an event which looks at how the UK will work towards decarbonising heat in the building sector, what options are available to our members, and how to turn these options into real solutions. We will hear from the Committee on Climate Change, delve into some real case studies and hear from experts who have been delivering low carbon heating solutions. 

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6th November 2019, 10:00 - 17:00

Network Harvest 2019

Our annual conference, the Network Harvest, brings together hundreds of environmental practitioners from more than 100 charities, heritage organisations, cultural venues, public sector organisations and more. Exclusively for Fit for the Future members, this is our event of the year. The day is all about celebrating successes, sharing learning, and networking.

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Wednesday 20th November 2019

Energy Managers Meeting & SECR Introduction Session

On 20th November, Fit for the Future Network will be combining its Energy Managers meeting with an introduction to SECR from Gary Shanahan, Head – Business and Industrial Energy Efficiency, Tax & Reporting at BEIS.

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